After the European Parliament elections

European People went to ballot boxes to choose their parliamentarians who will represent them for five years, in 26 May 2019. We were also in the ballot with our names and thoughts after the three months of the campaign period.

After started our elections’ campaign with presenting our candidates in 26 February 2019, we visited all around our homeland to explain the problems that our nation will face because of the current status quo, and our solutions to these problems. Different than the other political parties who participated to the elections, we underlined the fact that “one and whole” Republic of Cyprus is the only guarantee for us to exist in the island.

In these elections, the Jasmine Movement received 1.70% of the countrywide votes, despite the facts of having embargo from some media companies towards it, having very limited campaign time period and not having the financial and logistical advantages that other political parties had. It also made history by participating to the European Elections with six Turkish-speaking Cypriot candidates and receiving 72.11% of its votes from Greek-speaking Cypriots as well as 23.57% of total votes of the Turkish-speaking Cypriots. The people’s support confirmed once again the fact that there is no other party other than Jasmine Movement in the political history of Cyprus which can truly achieve being the voice and a “common” front for “all” Cypriots.

We, as Jasmine Movement, will continue our struggle for progressive values, social justice and an independent Cyprus with our people’s support.

Respectfully announced to our people.