After the European Parliament elections
European People went to ballot boxes to choose their parliamentarians who will represent them for five years, in 26 May 2019. We were also in the ballot with our names …
“Jasmine Movement” European Parliament Elections 2019 – Press Release
On May 26, we are going for the fourth time to the polls to elect the members of the European Parliament after our country joined the European Union in 2004. …

Jasmine Movement represents the history of Cyprus’s independence and democracy struggle. It is the common voice of the progressives, the patriots and the people and groups who believe in social democracy, and it is also a political organisation that provides them with a platform in the communal struggle and democratic system. It is an alliance of the ones who struggle for “one and whole” Republic of Cyprus.

Today, it is the first and only political formation that gets mass support from both Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots because of its sincere perspective and efforts for the problems of Cyprus. Its fight is against the corruption in Cyprus and the world that was caused by neoliberalism and wild globalism.

The Jasmine Movement is the symbol of struggle for stability and peace in the region with universal values, human rights, ecology and social justice, and most importantly, it is the front of Cypriots who can bravely stand against occupation and invasion.

“United and strong, against the occupation!”